Oracle 11g Format

Used the following sql query to extract password hash and salt from a oracle 11g database.
(SELECT name, password, spare4 from sys.user$ WHERE name = '***')
which resulted in the following output:

***, CE4A36B8E06CA59C, S:FE684A11680E19B3E6068FC92E8058A2294DBC7A1386018E8BD51E881D01

however when trying to crack it with cudahashcat-lite64.bin version 0.10 i get the line length exception again??

/cudaHashcat-lite64.bin -m 112 FE684A11680E19B3E6068FC92E8058A2294DBC7A1386018E8BD51E881D01:CE4A36B8E06CA59C
I guess that's not an Oracle 11g hash. Probably Oracle 7-10g.
Try -m3100, the correct format is HASH:USERNAME where hash is the 16 hex characters.
This is how an Oracle 11g hash should look like:


password is 0747