What's the answer to "what is the current stable version of hashcat"?

"What is the current stable version of hashcat?"

According to Hashcat announcements forum it's 6.2.0:

According to Hashcat Wikipedia article it's 6.2.4:

According to Hashcat download page it's 6.2.5:

This question comes up when signing up for an account on these forums. What am I supposed to type in as the answer?

I tried "6.2.5", "6.2.4" and I just tried "6.2.0". I even tried "v6.2.5", "hashcat v6.2.5" as it's typed out on the download page, and I even went as far as pasting in MD5 hash values of these strings. None of which worked.

If you can't share this secret publicly, can someone send me a PM with the correct answer to the question? Alternatively, can you tell me if the full version number is expected, and if it contains any letters?

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It's 6.2.5.

For the announcement in the forum you need to scroll into the 6.2.0 thread. So the main page is correct. Wiki is not maintained by hashcat development team. Forum question is corrected, thanks for reporting.
I can confirm that the registration form now accepts "6.2.5". But you might want to use something that's less likely to change over time, or pull that info in programmatically so you don't have to update it manually each time the version number changes.

I have never seen a version number used as a challenge before. It's creative and admirable, but version numbers usually change frequently over time, so unless it's kept up to date, it's not very useful. I used the second question for my challenge and response, the one about crypto wallets. The answer was found on these forums. I'm not going to disclose the answer here, as not to deprive other users of having fun figuring things out on their own.

For the record, release note for 6.2.5 is found here: