[RADIUS] Can i crack a MS-CHAP2 with known shared secret
Hello I wanna do a pen test on my MikroTik devices because they are getting hacked
the hacker is getting my radius accounts [Free Radius]

I've tried to capture a session with me logging on one of the MikroTik Devices

and i got this output
the following link can be opened via wireshark

[Image: 61LYxXr]

shared secret key is : qM0jU1iQ9oI

i can see my username through the packets capture
MS-CHAP-Challenge: e012ac3cc4117fc273eca39b3a911726

Is there any way to decrypt these with the shared key

Thanks in advance for any useful idea or explanation

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Only this hashes is supported https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=example_hashes