-stdout syntax
I just discovered hashcat today and wanted to use the --stdout function (on windows)

But I am unsure which syntax to use..

I have tried:
>hashcat-cli64.exe --attack-mode 1 --stdout wordlist.txt >> output.txt

But it seems the syntax is not right... please advice.
Besically I just wanted to see the manipulations that are done to words using the attack mode 1 filter


PS: are absolute file locations neccessary on windows and can you just use simple naming when the file is located in the same folder?
I know it does not make much sense, but you have to add two parameter to it (they are not used). This will be fixed with 0.40

hashcat-cli64.exe --attack-mode 1 --stdout wordlist.txt x x >> output.txt
Thanks a lot for the fast reply, much appreciated! Smile

Is it right to assume, that my current gfx card Radoen HD5800 does not support the OCL version?
All hd58xx are supported.
Hmm ok.. I tried using the gui for the ocl, but all that happens is that a command prompt windows pops up and that's it

this is the syntax used:
oclHashcat-plus64.exe --cpu-affinity 2 --gpu-devices 1 hashfile wordlist.txt

Just trying "oclHashcat-plus64.exe --help" also gives no result, so u suspect the exe file is not starting somehow.,..
maybe invalid driver, check the homepage to see which one you need to install
Was indeed a driver issue, thanks
Running fine now Smile