recomended ivy bridge i7 mother board
I'm going to buy a new computer setup and was wondering if my mother board is spacey enough to hold two hd6990 (with sufficient airflow).
this is the mother board model -

also do you think I'll be able to fit a network card in the extra pci slot.

if not do you have any recommendations for a different motherboard ?
that will work for what you want to do
thanks !

Ok few more things -

since it will probably take me time to buy extrem perf graphic cards,
if I'll buy the HD7770 Or the HD6870 for now will it work with the hd6990 (or HD7990 when It'll be out) (ocl wise I don't really care about games) or will I have to use two identical cards ?

Also if I look at both proccessors specifications -
1,120 Proccessors
1,700 Transistors
core speed 900 MHZ
PCI-E 2.1

640 Proccessors
1,500 Transistors
core speed 1000 MHZ
(Data was taken from wikipedia).

this cards has almost the same amount of transistors but the 6870 has twice the cores.
so I guess each core has much less transistors in it ( I saw a similar thred but it was close for commenting ).
does it mean that the 6870 will still be almost twice as fast as the 7770 or will it be just a little bit more faster since the transistor number is the same ( and the extra speed might compansate on that ).

also does the bus speed diffrence matter ?

(I know there probably isn't a deffinit answer for which is faster but I'm trying to understant the logic behind it)
check this out

i haven't tried it and personally would advise aganist it but some people have ran different AMD cards in the same system after forcing the same core clock.