gpu question
(03-12-2023, 09:58 PM)Chick3nman Wrote: You want many useful cores(this is actually not so simple with the split FP/INT pipelines in modern architectures), with high clock speeds. Depending on the algorithm, it can also matter how much cache(L1/L2/L3) the GPU has. VRAM is generally only important for knowing how many hashes you can load in 1 shot and the different VRAM types and configurations will be more algorithm specific like cache and not so easy to compare. Depending on the generation, you also care about architectural differences such as added/missing instructions and changes to the computing pipelines. So really, there is no simple answer to "what matters most to hashcat" and it is highly dependent on what algorithm you are running and what attack.

To cover some other topics that have come up briefly in this thread:
Yes, the 2080Ti is probably the best overall performance per dollar with it's current USED market price.
If you are buying new GPUs, the 4090 is _by far_ the best GPU you can buy AND is also the best _deal_ as well. The 4090 offers the best overall performance, the best performance per watt, and even the best performance per dollar of any new GPU, assuming you can get one down near the base MSRP. Obviously purchasing at MSRP has been a problem, so it may not be the best performance per dollar in the "real world" but it remains so on paper. It may seem unreasonably priced to some, but it should really only take 1 look at the actual performance to change that view.

Thank you chickenman for the first portion of your reply. RTX4000 is really out of my scope . . I am buying used GPUs who are selling very cheap on my local marketplace for example GTX1080 at 80$ GTX1060 at 50-60$ and I already have an X99 mobo which has up to 3 x16 slots and 2 x8 slots which makes it a total of 5 GPUs that can be installed for hashcat as well as this mobo takes LGA2011-3 xeons which can have up to 40 PCIe Lanes.

I already have an RTX3070 Aorus which I use for gaming and I've read the ampere architecture can use FP pipelines to act as INT pipelines in addition to the INT piplines already on the card for integer calculations which is what Hashcat uses compared to older series who have them separate.

let's say I am aiming for WPA2 algo
I suggested the 2080Ti was the best value $/hashrate card early in this thread but also the GTX1080Ti 11gb considering it's price @ $200 USD on average and performance just a fraction below an RTX 3070 maybe about 25% below a 2080Ti. The drawback being power consumption if that's an issue. 4 x GTX1080Ti will come close to a RTX4090 in most hashmodes at a fraction of price but using nearly 1000watts at full draw.