Unlocking Unicode Passwords for Hashcat
🔐 Introducing Unicode to Hex Converter for Hashcat! 🔍

Cracking passwords got you puzzled? Say hello to the Unicode to Hex Converter for Hashcat – a Python script to level up your hash-cracking game!

✨ What's Inside?

Converts Unicode input to unique hexadecimal values.
Splits them into byte1 and byte2 sets.
Removes duplicates for a streamlined attack.

🚀 Why Choose It?

Tackle Unicode passwords like a pro.
Simplify hashcat commands.
Works with Brute-force (-a 3) and Hybrid modes (-a 6/7).

📦 Get It Here:
GitHub Repository

🔥 Start Cracking Today!
Unlock new possibilities in password cracking with the Unicode to Hex Converter for Hashcat. Give it a whirl, and if it helps you, show some love with a star!

Happy Cr4ck1ng! 🌟🕵️‍♂️

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