oclHashcat-lite : New Feature : Retain temperature
When I started with oclHashcat-* Hardware mangement support, some people asked me for add support for fan-speed. For a long time I was not interessted in adding fan-speed code to oclHashcat-* since this is the job for the driver or some specialized controling software.

I did not change my mind completly on this, but still we have added some fan-speed controlling code. The new parameters are:

--gpu-temp-disable            Disable temperature and fanspeed readings and triggers
--gpu-temp-abort=NUM          Abort session if GPU temperature reaches NUM degrees celsius
--gpu-temp-retain=NUM         Try to retain GPU temperature at NUM degrees celsius (AMD only)

So what this thing is doing is: If the temperature configured with the new --gpu-temp-retain parameter is reached, it starts to increase the fan-speed by 1 percent each second. Thats all.

If you imagine a scenario what this means you will come to the conclusion that this feature also enables you to enfore your GPU running always to a very specific temperature.

Some notes:
  • --gpu-temp-disable you can completly disable all the temperature stuff.
  • --gpu-temp-retain currently only works for AMD.
  • --gpu-temp-abort parameter is just the renamed version of the old --gpu-watchdog.
  • Both parameters accept the 0 value which disables only this specific feature. This means you can step back to the old behavior by specifying --gpu-temp-retain 0.
  • The default for --gpu-temp-abort is still 90c.
  • The default for --gpu-temp-retain is 80c.