Bug in SHA512 (Unix) Hashcat?
Hello everyone

My Problem ist the Attack of this Hash Value (Ubuntu 12.04)


The Password Structure is unknown and the User "oh-lala" died last Week.

My loooong Dictionary Attack was useless.

PasswordsPro said the Password is "4rfvbgt5" but it is wrong.

I install a Ubuntu 12.04 in a virtual Maschine and setup a Test User


The Password is "12345"

i tried a short Dictionary with "12345" inside and Hashcat cant find it?
A Bruteforce Attack was also unsuccessful.

The Hashcat Settings:

hashcat-cli32.exe --hash-mode 1800 --attack-mode 3 c:\Path\testershadow.txt ?d?d?d?d?d

Is everything wrong or I've misunderstood something?
Use Ubuntu a different kind of Hash?

I love Hashcat

Sorry for my really bad English

Best regards

There is a bug in sha512crypt which is already fixed in a beta version. If you have urgent need for it I can give you access, otherwise please wait for the release. Thanks for report!
can confirm this problem with latest beta

$ mkpasswd -m sha-512 -S n.x8pyjJ -s 12345  

$ cat ../tmp/test                                          
$ cat ../tmp/test_dict
$ ./hashcat-cli64.bin -m1800 ../tmp/test ../tmp/test_dic
Initializing hashcat v0.40 by atom with 8 threads and 32mb segment-size...

NOTE: press enter for status-screen

Added hashes from file ../tmp/test: 1 (1 salts)
Input.Mode: Dict (../tmp/test_dic)
Index.....: 1/1 (segment), 1 (words), 5 (bytes)
Recovered.: 0/1 hashes, 0/1 salts
Speed/sec.: - plains, - words
Progress..: 1/1 (100.00%)
Running...: --:--:--:--
Estimated.: --:--:--:--
Started: Wed Jul 25 22:34:52 2012
Stopped: Wed Jul 25 22:34:52 2012
Hey undeath, new beta is up, please retry