New Beta available
Hey Guys,

added latest beta Versions on the Server:

hashcat (Thanks to Xanadrel!):

desc: added -m 1420: sha256($salt.$pass)
desc: added -m 1410: sha256($pass.$salt)
desc: added -m 1720: sha512($salt.$pass)
desc: added -m 1710: sha512($pass.$salt)


desc: added -m 10 = md5(pass.salt)
desc: added -m 20 = md5(salt.pass)
desc: added -m 30 = md5(unicode(pass).salt)
desc: added -m 40 = md5(salt.unicode(pass))
desc: added -m 110 = sha1(pass.salt)
desc: added -m 120 = sha1(salt.pass)
desc: added -m 130 = sha1(unicode(pass).salt)
desc: added -m 140 = sha1(salt.unicode(pass))
desc: added -m 1410 = sha256(pass.salt)
desc: added -m 1420 = sha256(salt.pass)
desc: added -m 1710 = sha512(pass.salt)
desc: added -m 1720 = sha512(salt.pass)
desc: added -m 1800 = sha512crypt, SHA512(Unix)
desc: added -m 3200 = bcrypt
thank you so much for generic salt support! Can you be more specific about "unicode"?
The most bugs are gone now Big Grin Lets hope amd will also fix their bugs.
wish i had this at defcon Tongue
me too :|
oh wait...
Hi atom

Sorry I have been busy just recently with "real life" and another project but just popped back here to say thank you for all your hard work and the new beta !

Looking forward to testing it ! Smile