salt stops at 100% (SL3)
i am using hashcat lite v.09 in 3 computers...
in one 2x7970 GPU ( win 7 64bit) some time salt stop @ 100%.
when we click on "s" for status... it shows 0 secs left..
after wait so long it stops as it is,,, so i always close & restart salt,,

why this is happening ?
Well it should not, can be anything
Downclock your cards a bit, if you on linux check for 'tails' on your sh file.
(08-14-2012, 01:24 PM)atom Wrote: Well it should not, can be anything

i am unable to understand where is the problem,,,,
i am using SL3net lan version...

Even if u never face it,,,u can give me any suggestion brother,,, how can i solve it,, or what should i do ?