2300 c/s ? OMG it's soooo slow :)
Hi There!
I'm using Vaio VPC-F11S1E notebook - Core i7, 8gb ram, GeForce GT 330M with forceware 301.42. I'm trying to break WPA2 4-way handshake with cudaHashcat-plus 0.81 or 0.7.
The command:

cudaHashcat-plus64.exe --hash-type 2500 --attack-mode 3 --custom-charset1 ?l?u --custom-charset2 ?l --custom-charset3 ?d --outfile-format 2 --gpu-accel 9 --gpu-watchdog 100 --segment-size 52 C:\Users\Maciek\Desktop\29170_1346774514.hccap ?1?2?2?2?3?3?3?3

The result:
[Image: hashcat.jpg]

Sir... 2300 c/s...? I see here speeds reaching milions pass per second. Why I get only two thousands?
simply put, your graphics card sucks. mobile versions will never get the same speeds as high end desktop cards.
WPA is slow.
You're using a notebook gpu -> slow
You're even using a nvidia gpu -> slow
As said above, nVidia GPUs are slow, and Mobile GPUs are even slower.
Cracking shortest WPA pass (with good bruteforce mask) -> 24 years Smile
So what can be the difference like with a decent AMD GPU? Assuming it's 10 times faster it will take 2.4 year "only" Smile
single hd7970 can do it in 16.4hrs. if you have 8x hd7970 cards and assuming the same mask, you can run thru the entire keyspace in 2.8hrs. in practice maybe crack it in 1.4hrs.