Powercolor's HD7990
Hi guys,
With the recent release of Powercolor's dualgpu HD7990, will hashcat's current version (oclHashcat-plus v0.081) work with it?
Anyone tried it yet? I'm considering to boot up a pet project with 2x 7990.

Any form of feedback will be greatly appreciated.
yes. opencl will just see it as four tahiti devices, so oclHashcat would behave the same as if you had four 7970s.
worth mentioning though that it would be cheaper to buy 4x 7970s than 2x 7990s, and 4x 7970s would require less power.
unless you're doing 4x7990, i agree $1000USD for powercolor's 7990 is too expensive.
Please, show a speed on your device!
are the 7990 avail yet?