Hashcat rule files
Do you have rule files worthy to share with the community? Post them here and we'll add them to the site.

User submitted rules - http://hashcat.net/urules/

Korelogic rules - https://contest.korelogic.com/rules-hashcat.html
A new rule has been added - http://hashcat.net/urules/d3ad0ne_leet.rule
The user contributed rules section of the homepage got a little touch-up. Next to the file-name additional information is displayed which should make it more accessible.

If you consider to contribute, you can make use of that feature as explained in HOWTO: Add a Title, an Author and a Name to your Rules-File.
Not sure if it's sposed to be this way or not but the KL rule add 1's has no 5. it goes from 4 to 6 like this
just was wondering why no add 5 1's. Also im not sure of this either cause im new to HC rules but i think the prepend just specials and prepend special special are crossed named. It looks to me like the the just specials prepend 1 or 2 specials and the special special will prepend 1 2 or 3 specials. Again not sure but can someone help me with this? Thanks in advance
Please check d3ad0ne_23.8K.rule which on http://hashcat.net/urules/, This file contain many "#NAME?". I think you use excel to export this file so that all strings start with "=" will change to "#NAME?".

There is no uRule Section anymore Sad
Is there still an good Source for good Rules?
I think it will be available soon again!