oclhashcat GUI needed ; I even pay $$ !
Has anybody had time to do a GUI?
(11-11-2010, 11:33 PM)Rabbitz Wrote: Has anybody had time to do a GUI?

Has anybody answered their PM?
Whoose post should have anybody answered?
Apologise if this has already been informed/discussed here, but, do you plan to make a
GUI version to work with oclhashcat ? Any date previsions ? A few months, a year ?
Thank you.
The current status is that some money was offered to motivate the programming of it, but as we asked for feedback, we didn't get any. Probably this get's some traction now. Let's see, feedback much appreciated. For offers PM me.
Sent pm.
For those who are interested, and can pay that extra work, send a PM
to hakre. Come on. It should be a brilliant piece of sotware as hashcat-GUI
still is.
done. new gui has been released. thread closed.