what am I doing wrong?! please help!
Hello world, noob here

I´m trying to crack a MySql hash using hashcatgui, specifically cudaHashcat-Lite but I keep getting this error:

line error exception: 16
invalid hash XXXX double check the -m parameter

the -m parameter has to do with the hash type, right?
it´s set to MySQL, so what could be wrong?

I am able to use the same hash on the 'hashcat' tab and MySQL hash type with no problem, so why it doesn´t work on the cuda tab?!
You are probably trying to crack a MySQL323 hash (old password) which is not supported by ocl* anymore.
You can try with MySQL323 Cracker/Collider, 2 good tools by Sc00bz using a flaw in the old MySQL hash design giving amazing speeds.
thank you, gonna try that but,

does this number - 323 - has anything to do with the MySQL version?

cause I´m pretty sure the database I extracted them from was MySQL '5'
A MySQL 5 database can use the old password if specified

Old (aka 323) looks like this :
5d2e19393cc5ef67 (length 16 hex)

While newer hashes look like this :
*2470C0C06DEE42FD1618BB99005ADCA2EC9D1E19 (length 40 hex, it usually has a '*' in front of it)
dude, you are my savior!

worked like a charm!
in less than 5 minutes! amazing

thank you very much