Why 7970 GHz Edition 6GB work like a 7970 classic ?
Hello everybody

i just buy a sapphire video card :
- VAPOR-X HD 7970 GHz Edition 6GB GDDR5
but she work like a 7970 classic at 3GB.
i use hascat lite v0.09
If some one have a idea why ? if i have a specific drive to install or if hashcat is not compatible with this type of card ? ...

thank you.
can you explain what you mean by this? the amount of memory does not effect the speed, and especially not with lite since it uses no memory. it will work just like a normal 7970, just about 5% faster since it's overclocked.
I think we talking here about SL3 cracking and he compared overclocked 'classic' card with ghz edition.
ok. then yes, an overclocked "classic" 7970 will perform exactly like a Ghz Edition 7970.
yes i speak for SL3 cracking.
thank you for the answers,.
i have a HD 6990 (4 Go of memoiry GDDR5) who works at ≈ 4000 mo and the same think for the 7970 who works at ≈ 3000mo , so i was thinking that the power of cracking, depend of memory's power.
nope, memory has nothing to do with it.

even though 7970 runs at a higher clock rate, 6990 is faster because it has more stream processors. 6990 is a 5.1 TFLOPS card, vs 7970 which is only 4.3 TFLOPS.