hashcat-lite + AMD 7970 Not Work!
I tested with version 12-1_xp32_dd_ccc AMD driver and the graphics card is not detected. Otherwise the 12-8_xp32_dd_ccc version is seen perfectly.

However, when trying to use the 0.10 version shows me [1] identified message me with the courage to try version 0.9

F: \ application \ brute force \ oclHashcat-lite-0.10> oclHashcat-lite32.exe 9b957cc6ab
oclHashcat-lite v0.9 by atom starting ...

GPU-Loops: 256
GPU-Accel: 160
Password lengths range: 1-55
ERROR: clGetPlatformIDs () -1001

F: \ application \ brute force \ oclHashcat-lite-0.10> pause
Press any key to continue. . .

Any idea about it. Thank you in advance.
Didnt AMD drop OpenCL support for AMD? You might have to switch to Windows 7, just an idea, no guarantee. Also 32 bit is totally outdated.
@atom Thank you very much. the driver to download for XP container not OpenCL. Otherwise, the perfect Win7. I apologize for the double post.