HashcatGUI v0.21 Released
OK, I've finally released the HashcatGUI from BETA to RELEASE now v0.21. Here are the new features:

- HashcatGUI now remembers your last 16 files / salts / rules and outfiles.
- Changed the outfile command [InFilename] to be just the filename without the extension.
- Added a new outfile command [InFilenameExt] which simple is the filename with the extension.
- Added Markov support for both Hybrid modes in oclHashcat-plus as it supports it already, (thanks atom).
- Added rules directory with some of my own custom rules so have some fun with those.

Download: http://www.md5decrypter.co.uk/downloads.aspx
Thank you for all your hard work Blandy, well done.
Looks like there is a problem when selecting a large number of dictionaires.
Does it have a limited number of files ? Or might be some weird dictionaire
name in the dictionaire folder...

As a suggestion: it's possible to run a duplicated hash task remover just
after click the Hash me button ? At least for the hashcat version, which
doesn't remove/detect duplicated hashes. Will save from running several
times to clean huge lists...

Or just add and option to select if the user want the program to run
until the number of recovered hashes are 0. Might result in several
dos windows open in the end, unless, in this case, all finsihed runs
will close the dos window and only the last one will stay open.
Remember both hashcat and oclHashcat-plus support dictionaries as argument not just files. This makes it a bit more easy to read in some cases and reduces the number of parameters given to hashcat on start.
This might be good to add as well: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-1702.html