Windows 8 64 and AMD 12.10/12.11 beta opinions
Does it worth to upgrade to Windows 8 ?

Any significant improvements, related to any of hashcat versions ?

And the now available 12.10 and 12.11 beta AMD drivers behavior,
while using any hashcat versions (the last ones) ?

Has already anyone run it ?
Would be good to know opinions from those that already did a
test to decide if it worth to change or simply stay with Windows
7 64 for a while.

Thanks to anyone who want to share their experience.
I have already run oclHashcat 0.09 on Win8 x64 with cat 12.9 and it works ok. No speed increases thou obviously.
Thanks blandyuk. I wonder if 12.10 or 12.11 beta drivers have anything
positive when compared with 12.9. We know sometimes new driver
versions comes out, sometimes with new problems, sometimes with
new improvements.
And replacing drivers it's a little annoying, not only for the task, but
for the results. Rollback isn't that hard, using a system restore or disk

In the past some versions were a step back, and to prevent the use
of such kind of "bad" versions it's good to know others opinions/experiences.