Download the last 3200 @PastebinDorks with a simple command.
So I've been away for a while (school is crazy). I wanted to get back on top of the latest stuff and @PastebinDorks is great for that.

Heres what I came up with, I'm sure some of you guys will correct and point out a better way, but it worked Smile

Download 3200 latest @PastebinDorks files:

curl -s --user-agent 'Mozilla/5.0' -uUSERNAME:'PASSWORD' '[1-32]' | grep '<text>' | sed 's/\<text\>//;s/\<\/text\>//' | sed -n 's/\[\(.*\)\][ *]//p' | wget -i - ./directory

Now, @passfile has many passes cracks, it would be nice to merge those files and be able to extract his cracks. Here's my first ever bash script:


for i in `grep -xl '!/passfile' *`; do
echo Working on $i;
cat $i >> output.txt;
echo Deleting $i;
rm $i;

Now all that is left is to extract the passes, sort -u, and remove the (or not, he does do a great job!). You can figure out the rest, which awk makes stupid simple.

See you,

edit: Maybe this is better suited for General Talk, I let you be the judge, oh almighty Atom Smile