Same Gpus but different brands
Hello guys, I dont mean to ask a stupid question or waste anyones time. but I know this has been asked before but I couldnt find the thread so I have to ask. So is it ok to mixed diffent brands of cards but basically there the same gpu. What I mean is I have a chance to get 2 6990 cards at a really good price about $250 a piece and in awesome condition, but there 2 different brands one is msi and the other is sapphire. I was wonder if they will still work ok with hashcat-plus. I know different gpus wont work together with hashcat but I had to ask. I'm really sorry if this question has been asked but I couldnt find the thread for it. If its possible could someone answer as soon as possible. The guy is willing to hold the cards for me for a limited time because I came to him first, Thanks for your help.
Hi Hellspawn, I run 4 x Radeon 5870s and they are 3 x Sapphire and 1 x ASUS and I have no issues. All run at the same speed. I would say it'll be fine dude Smile
Same GPUs with different brand will work without problems. Even better, the next version of OclHashcat-plus will support mixed GPUs.