2013 outdated versions
Hashcat 0.42b5 have this behavior.
OclHashcat-plus-0.10-rc3 don't give any message and works normally (at the moment).
you must have missed the releases?
The beta version is not the latest. Download this one: http://hashcat.net/hashcat/
The dude made his post before the release, so stop being smart-ass(s).
no, he didn't. he posted it 30m after the hashcat release, and about 5 hours after the plus/lite release.
You now force me to use my psychic abilities and rephrase what the dude meant when he made his post.

Obviously the post is about CPU's hashcat, 0.42b5 preciously. His reference of -plus's beta was only to emphasize the fact that beta version should not expire by now.
yes, and me and K9's point is that the beta versions are obsolete, so it does not matter.
M@LIK, epixoip and K9... situation solved.
Thanks to all your feedback. Very much appreciated.