Is it possible to run Hashcat on XP
Hi. Is anyone able to run Hashcat on windows XP? I have a computer that I would like to use Hashcat with but it runs on Windows XP pro SP3. I know the obvious solution would be to upgrade the OS but it's not an option for now. I noticed that since v0.41, hashcat generates a Windows error: "hashcat-cli32.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.". I was using 0.40 before but with the timebomb it's not possible anymore.
It should be, there were no compiler changes. Let me load up a VM and see if I can reproduce.
Yeah there have been no changes. Any results @ VM?
VM crashes as well. Immediately after start.
Found the problem and solved it. The question is now, is it worth a new release? Maybe silent one?
you could just upload a new extra packaging for XP.
Hate to be a pain but was the fix ever released? I am getting the same error on my system - immediate death upon start.
Currently you will have to wait until the next release.
Understood! Thanks for the update.
hashcat-0.41.7z was working but now its outdate
hashcat-0.42.7z is not working