oclhascat64 has stopped to work ...
i used different gui or .bat file i got an error if more wordlist used to straith attack.

same wordlist number i used in .9 , but after timebomb i updated and new version and had this error.

i tested all wordlist single and are ok, i tested in grup and exist a limit, i think in argument length, that burn up this error.

can be done somethings?
you talk about "same error" and "this error" but you never actually mention what the error is.
My telepathic powers are down this week, can you post the errors?
I will try to guess, I have something similiar in windows, When I use large list of wordlists, says me that there is not enough memory. that's what I understand. I can be wrong.
it think topic title say all, anyway is a popup windows that say "oclhascat64.exe has stopped to work, find solution online or close program"

this happen when i load alot of wordlist, same wordlist i load on 0.9 so it's not a wordlist problem.

normal usage is : oclHashcat-plus64.exe -a 0 -m 1500 -p : --gpu-temp-abort=90 "encripted file path" "wordlist1 path" "wordlist2 path" and so on.

if i put alot of "wordlist path" i got error, but same wordlist number i uded in .9 so the new .12 have a argument lenght limit lower of .9

more clear this time?
Its clear for me now. That issue is known. I was unable to fix it before release because of the time bomb pressure. Thanks for report.
good, and problem not fire up if use as argument "WlPathFolder" but last updated gui not support this feature Sad

i'll hope this bug will be solved soon or updated gui at least
Just wanted to inform you that the bug is fixed in beta and will be fixed in next release version.