WPA/WPA2 in hashcat
It should be possible to port the code from oclHashcat to hashcat. But I am to busy with other features. If you guys can convince radix, matrix or xandadrel your chances are good Smile
Sounds good. But I've seen your reply in 15 chars limitation topic and I think it would be better if you'll aim at more chacters support in oclHashcat than at applying this algorithm in hashcat.
That's why I started this topic Smile
I think this feature / ability in hashcat would be a good thing even if hashcat-plus could test longer passwords.

People who perhaps cannot afford a GPU and just use hashcat as a demonstration / learning tool could show how WPA is broken with a pre defined password and password list on a humble laptop.

Not everyone using the WPA cracking ability is testing unknown networks. It is a powerful lesson to be able to demonstrate to someone just how password lists work on seemingly long and secure WPA passwords.

I believe hashcat and hashcat-plus should promote themselves as security "awareness" tools. It is not all about hacking and illegal access to unknown networks, but more of a learning and demonstration tool.

Just imagine the impact on people who are not security aware of a low budget CPU only laptop breaking a 30 character password from a word list !
I agree. Adding WPA would be a great addition to hashcat. There are existing "slow" algos supported currently, so in my mind it's not an issue of performance but features -- which hashcat has a lot of.