Directory pointing using hashcat-plus-0.12
Hello all, I am new to this form . I was wondering if hashcat can be used to point to a directory containing all my word lists instead of having to list each and every word list. It would be great if I could just have hashcat run the hashes against all txt, dic, lst files in a directory. Is this possible? I am using windows 7 because I am having complications (driver issues ) in Bt5 r3 with my radeon 7970 AMD card. Any example of code would be great. I have already tried wild cards ( *.*txt) in the hashcat command with no avail. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
Yes it can.
-plus <hash> ..\DirectoryWithDicts
// Run all files in that dict
// Note: On Windows, make sure there's no trailing (back)slash

-plus <hash> ..\DirectoryWithDicts\*.txt
// Run all .txt files
Very nice, I assume this would apply to all word list extensions such as lst, dic as well ? Thanks for the quick response M@LIK.
Of course, that's wildcard basics.

You can also do: dicts\*non-english*
To run all files having "non-english" in their filenames. With a bit of brains, you can utilize this for a very efficient dictionaries' selecting.