can't get my oclHS-lite to work
so this is how I am doing it:

oclHashcat-lite32.exe --hash-type 2811 ?l?l?l?l

(first started with a 4 letter mask for example)

Pretty sure I have done it right. But when I start it, it opens my cmd with the command, and executes it however, I don't get anything after that. No errors, nothing. Then I can retype command on the same cmd prompt window etc.

Also I have the salt aswell for this, so if I ran normal hashcat, with the salt would it increase my speed in the cracking process atall?

I might be missing a program or something, but i think i am doing it right. Any help please? (also if anyone can check the command for me, that would help)
Where is the hash ?!
Paste a screenshot of your cmd window.
the hash was removed by radix and the user was banned for not following forum rules.