ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get(): -5
Hi partners!

I have 2 crossfirex hd 6990
I actually to oclhashcat 0.13 and appear again and again a new error:

Error: ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get(): -5

I had to format my computer because appear old drivers but the problem continues.
I have installed catalyst 12.8

I cannot put watchdog beacuse my drive card can suffered damage.

There is another thread with the same problem, but the partner formatted the computer and it does work, but not me.

Any help please? Thank you very much
Its either a driver or a GPU bios problem. Uninstall cat with driver fusion software (must be this soft). Then install cat 12.8 again. If it does not work, you may need to update GPU bios or turn of watchdog.
Hi Atom,

what you are saying me I can not do it because:
Computer is new, I first installed catalyst, 12.8
I can not turn of watchdog function because my GPU crossfire can suffer,
Update the GPU Bios is dangerous for my GPU again

The oclhashcat-lite version 0.12 worked perfectly, why can not we use the version that is best for our computer?

Best regards
Because you can't.
Right, you cant. There was also no oclHashcat-lite v0.12. This shows me you do not care about this project.
Atom no, I care a lot for your project.
I mean, the previous version worked perfectly and the new one should improve the quality of work.

It would be interesting to use the version oclhashcat-lite we better come, as you ask the catalyst is 12.8 because it is better.
I prefer oclhashcat old version, but have to say "Your version is old please upgrade"

Or have another solution, I do not think the solution is to burn GPU or updating the bios or use watchdog function when it has never been necessary.

My intention is to work your project because you are a person very admired by me, but understand that I have my work computer completely stopped.
Thanks very much.
Uninstall the driver with driver fusion (must be this soft!). Then install it again. Its all I can say
same problem here...i uninstalled sdk,and installed sdk of 12.8...kept the same error....but now worked...