gpu retain temp not working

I have 4 HD7950s and they are constantly hitting 90C. The default retain temp is suppose to be 80C. The fans are at 100% with 97% utilization. Is there something that I'm not doing right?

So you need to add extra fans on your case or do something else to avoid cards overheat. Temp retain put's fans high, but not stops your current work to allow cards to cool.
Maybe one thing to try suggested in another thread by epixoip:
Quote:You may also want to consider dropping your memory clocks. The VRM's on the 5xxx series get very hot. If you're doing brute force you can safely drop your memory clocks down to 300Mhz. If you are doing wordlist based attacks, you can set the memory clocks equal to, or slightly higher than, the core clocks. This will help keep your temps low while also ensuring good performance.