Language Character Sets
frequency doesn't matter for this. if it's on the keyboard, it should be in the charset file. if the character is not supported by a charset, then it will be omitted by default (it will not be converted.)
Firstly thank you for putting all that work into it Rub3nCT ! Well done.

As epixoip says "if it's on the keyboard, it should be in the charset file."

However I understand from your writing that it is not as simple as that. It seems as if we either need multiple Spanish charsets or one big one with some rare, hardly used characters in there.

It does seem a shame that we might be brute forcing with a lot of characters that are highly unlikely to be included in a password, but that is the "brutal" reality of brute force I guess.

I like the idea though of a multiple Spanish option. It allows the user to optimize a little. Smile

To be honest Rub3nCT there is little point asking us, you are the Spanish expert, I will certainly go along with your recommendation. Personally I think we should have all 3 with "Spanish" being the default, both mixed together and Catalan give the user some degree of optimizing.
i have a bit of a background in linguistics, and i would recommend including all three languages in the same charset. it would be smarter to do the charsets more by region, than by specific language. we can call the the charset "spanish," but with the recognition that it includes other regional language characters as well.
OK I think I understand what you mean.

I guess the "official" hashcat charset could be the big one (including all 3) but then also perhaps Rub3nCT could supply some separate version for people to fine tune with ?

I suppose users could experiment with statgen and Markov to speed things up a little. We just need some good Spanish password lists to sample !
yes that would be fine
(02-07-2013, 01:50 AM)Hash-IT Wrote: @KT819GM

Wow, thank you very much guys for your contribution ! Smile

I am sorry about the attachments problem I don't know whats wrong, atom might read this thread and fix it. Please keep hold of your files and as soon as the Trac is working again I will give you guys a link to join a Trac ticket where you can upload files.

I really appreciate your help.

I know Spanish is on the way and I think I know someone I can ask for a French language file.

Hi Hash-IT,

Rub3ncT and me have been discussing Spanish charset, so we have got something good, I guess that rub3nct will be uploading it soon . So you can help us, right?
hey guys,

thanks to radix, trac is back. can you please upload all the files you generated to trac?

Thank for your help. Smile


Trac is still not working properly, I try to open other tickets to make sure they were all there but I just get a "502 Bad Gateway".

I hope we haven't lost all that work ? Sad
For me it works fine, but I know there have been made changes yesterday. Try again please.
(02-15-2013, 12:38 PM)atom Wrote: For me it works fine, but I know there have been made changes yesterday. Try again please.

Yay its working again ! Big Grin

I have noticed that Rolf has kinfdly posted his file, thanks Rolf. Smile

Rub3nCT and KT819GM would you please post your files here.