Building 8xhd7970
I thinking about build good hash-crackin rig(price about 4000-4500$)
and have some guestions. Can windows handle 8 gpu? or i must install linux (hope not because i never using it), and another thinks is i need help with
1. Motherboard - i saw only msi big bang with 8 pcie x16 (please write about alternatives)
2. Cpu - thing that can be low/middle class
3.Ram - about 8-16gb - its cheep
4.Power - how strong it must be - 3kw will be ok ?
and last thing - in that mobo pcie port are near. can i place radeons on mother board or must buy pci extenders.
Thx for help
0) yes
1) there is others. Msi bb is one of the most famous. There is cards that support 10 PCI-E.
4) You need 3 1250W PSU.
5) You can place them on the motherboard, however if you going to BF for long time, you better have PCI extenders to have enough cool air for them .
0) yes - means that windows cam handle 8 gpu ?
1) do You know some another mobo`s ?

and one another: case - better plug in some serwer case or better in free space ;]
for hashcracking PCIe x1 is sufficient for the GPUs. You don't need 8x PCIe x16.

Biggest problem will be cooling. Experience of most people is: not more than 4 cards per case (unless you have an open rig with much space between the cards)
if you want to build an 8 GPU rig, you really should use a TYAN FT77B7015. it will save you a TON of headaches.
already searching that TYAN in stores in poland but its not available
it's not available in stores in the US either, just from companies who drop-ship it from Tyan.

i'm sure Tyan will ship to Poland, just shoot them an email.
It will be over his budget with a Tyan
he'll go over budget doing it the other way, too. it's more complicated the other way, and as he builds and tests it he'll realize he needs to buy this, that and the other to get it working. it'll turn into an expensive nightmare. i know, because i've been down that road several times. it's cheaper and less of a hassle to just spend the money to do it right the first time around.
Szulik, can i ask you what you will crack with that machine, wpa2 for cash? Big Grin