Looking to buy a new card
Hey guys,

Currently I'm using a HD6570 and I'm looking to upgrade because it's not that amazing for hash cracking. I'm looking at the 7970 and wondering if it's the best value for the $$ I am going to spend. My budget is around $650 USD, and I'm wondering if there would be a better card or even a better combination of cards that would be cheaper and have a higher hashes/sec rate then the single 7970.

Another thing would be where I would buy the graphics card from. Most prices where I live (NZ) are far more expensive than the US (even with exchange rates + shipping added). Newegg is kinda out of the question as they do not ship internationally. This is not a major issue as I can still get the cards in NZ but at a higher cost.

This graphics card would just be used for hash cracking as I do not play any games that were made later than 2004 Tongue. I do not plan to play extremely high graphics games. I'll also be upgrading other aspects of my computer as well as the graphics card.

Any input would be great Smile.
So, go for used HD5970 or 2x5870 if you plan to use them just for hash cracking. These are best value for $ at this time. For new only cards only possibly HD6990 would be better bet than 7970 if we talking about 1 card.
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Thanks for the input guys, I'll look into the 5*** series.