Possible hardware

i bought this miner last weekend. https://products.butterflylabs.com/featu...miner.html And i wondered if all bitcoines are mined could this also be a good brute forcer ? since the unit is equal to lots of amd radeons considering the speed it takes to mine the bitcoins..

just a thought might be super to give it a second use when all the fun is over =]
please read https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-2057.html

i'm curious as to why you ordered a bfl miner though, when so many people are screaming 'scam.' i wonder if you'll ever actually receive it.
So you think butcoining is fun... then you know nothing about anything dude.
dont come to a board and talk about products from but-terfly,this hardware, and hardware you need for cracking are very high differenCeD.
ask some guys in the irc for their kickass rigs.
Thanks epixoip for your reply.

Ill wait and see if i get it Wink
This looks too much like an advert to me. Sad

Would you please remove the link stronthoop as advertising is not allowed on the forum.