oclHashcat-plus cracks TrueCrypt
(05-17-2013, 05:56 PM)atom Wrote: No, I'm working on > length 15 support. If I'm done with that, I will release.

Nice work!
I eagerly await the release of the new version,
I entreat Atom to release a trial Version, because I need it very much,I meet a truecrypt to need cracking.
Can you tell me The version of supporting truecrypt release Exact time?
thank you very much!
The relase date is not yet known. But shouldn't be to far.
Hi! Is there a way to cut part from truecrypt container and use it with hashcat rather than use the whole file due to its big size?
If you're familiar with a hex editor and are willing to read TC documentation, you could extract the data at needed offsets and pad the rest with 0 bytes.
Yes, you just need to copy the first 512 byte.
Does oclHashcat run in network with multiple PCs using GPU?
you need to use VCL for that.
(09-05-2013, 07:21 AM)Mangix Wrote: you need to use VCL for that.

Can you say more clearly?
For those who were banned on Google.
Thanks Rolf
At least one AMD GPU – Nvidia is not supported.
Sad( i have two PC with Nvidia