bloch ciphers
How is best to do block ciphers
with love
i tried love and for awhile I was warm and fuzzy

any other alternatives, LOL
With asm, it will be faster this way.
@hamish: What do you intend to do with the Block Ciphers? Are you attempting to crack them?

I think you mean to say, hashing algorithms based on Block Ciphers like descrypt (based on DES) and bcrypt (based on Blowfish)?

DES has been accelerated on the GPU, so you can crack it faster with oclhashcat-plus or with a multicore CPU (OMP would be good).

bcrypt is not so efficient on GPU, so you can try either GPU or a multi core CPU.
not sure asm?

was hoping to use GPU optimised as faster than CPU.

yes I want to find the relevent DES key between two hex values.
If you want to use your GPU, you need CUDA (NVidia) or OpenCL (AMD).
I have CUDA
just not sure how to implement a solution?
I didnt think I would need to reinvent the wheel and thre would be some software available or
do I need to compile up some code