oclHashcat-lite32.exe does nothing, immediately exits with no output.
I execute this:

oclHashcat-lite32.exe 5dXXX02abc4b2a76bXXX9d9110XXX592

and the app just immediately exits with no output. No arguments I give it cause it to do anything else. And none of the other exes do any different either.
Add a pause at the end, so the batch file would look like this:
oclHashcat-lite32 5dXXX02abc4b2a76bXXX9d9110XXX592
That should shed some light on what's going on.
I'm not executing it in a batch file; I'm executing it on a command line directly. It just immediately exits with no output.
Hey TwoBit,
1. as far as I understood you use a windows system (because of the exe), is this correct?
2. are you familiar w/ windows command line interpreter (cmd) ? How do you launch the command ? You should open the cmd first and change the directory (cd) to the correct path.
Please, if you are not familiar w/ cmd, you should learn to use that before trying to launch the *hashcat exes... To launch cmd go to windows start and click on Run -> type cmd and hit the ENTER key OR use a shortcut like WIN + r and type "cmd" (w/o quotes) + ENTER
3. You could try the GUI if you cannot get cmd to work, see here: https://hashcat.net/hashcat-gui/ and here: http://www.md5decrypter.co.uk/hashcat-gui.aspx .
BUT please be warned: the hashcat GUI is something hashcat.net cannot give support for, you need to contact the developers for GUI problems/questions