md5 unix blank password hash
md5 unix blank password hash not recognise, why?
John the ripper - recognise
Can you be a bit more specific? That question seems a bit ambiguous.
What are you referring to as an "md5 unix blank password" ?
I think he says that hashcat cant identify the hash of blank unix password while jtr can.

this is hash md5 passwd blank (no passwd)
hashcat tries crack it, long time bruteforce
other hash, with easy passwd 123, 321 and etc cracked
iam run with key -m 500
ntlm, LM passwd blank recognise good
md5 unix not recognise
other hash not tested
I can confirm zis, blank md5crypt passwords are indeed unrecognized.
and so it is a mistake?
will be fixed in the next version?
and please add a function to work with wordlist description from my topic "worldlist extra rules"
hashcat will be ultra beautiful
Salted hashes do not include such a check. If you want it added you might want to create a TRAC ticket?
I do want such a function but as a switch so I created a trac ticket myself.
I do not know what a TRAC, but I think that the test for an empty password is extremely essential for all hashes
now is to use a separate program for this...