Radeon HD 7990 Review
(06-18-2013, 10:41 AM)epixoip Wrote: it would be problematic to try to passively cool it, yes. but i think it has sufficient airflow to prevent overheating with active cooling.

Hello epoxoip,

What was the end result of the attempted configuration on your Tyan FT77/FT72 chassis? Where temperatures reasonable(sub 90 degrees) in the following config? Can you post output of speed results; using your speed test script?(oclhashcat-lite & plus would be appreciated)V0.15

It is impossible to acquire any reference based 7970's GPU's these days. Since the 7990 is still readily available I would like your feedback on the following configuration that you have attempted. Is it possible and did you attempt to have more than 5 of the following GPU's installed on the following chassis.
i already wrote a follow-up post on this, search the forum