Maskprocessor word at position??[solved]
Hi is there a way get a mask word by position or range of index.


returns A-Z so instead of

?u -s M

I want to write

?u -s 13




as far as I can see it is not possible to split a mask via words and still generate all posibilities. or is there?

thank you!
Well, not with the number, but as word. with masksprocessor you have -s and -l which is what you want to do.

try: ?u -s M -l W
If you really need to use the number index instead, this could be done VERY easily with a small "position lookup" code in e.g. shell script or other programming language. I mean, a small wrapper that transforms the number into a letter, you then can call you wrapper e.g. as:

./ 13

and the script makes the transformation and calls maskprocessor w/ -s M argument.
Thank you, I was thinking about the index to word converter.. is the maskprocessor open source?

eg is there a documentation in what order a mask is generated
It's not open source and the masks are incremented right to left.
thank you I was thinking about
first capital letters
then small
then digits
then symbols, rather then left or right Smile

and what order the symbols would have..

once I have time I will analyze the order and generate the index to word converter.. since i think mask by index would be quite interesting for distributed cracking

and can someone tell me if the algo for generation in hashcat and maskprocessor are the same?

Well, for the same mask, the content would be the same if you would sort it. What differs is the ordering, just run hashcat in --stdout mode, then you will see the difference.
I have finished the first version of my WordAtIndex generator

I happy about suggestions and constructive comments

Word At Index 0.0.2

Returns the word of a mask given its index.
Purpose: split a mask for eg distributed computing [brute force]

pc1 -> mask[0-100000000]
pc2 -> mask[100000001-200000000]

Usage: bash -i index -m mask [customCharSet]
bash -i1000000 -m?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d
will output
surrounding '' are needed to make sure the space char wont be forgotten

* Info:
-p, to display the full output additional to the word at index -i
-v, Display version number
-h, Display this help menu

* generation:

-i, Index for Word; fist word at index 1
-m, Specify mask via Built-in charsets


bash -i 13 -m ?d?d

* Custom charsets:

-1, -2, -3, -4, Specify custom charsets via Built-in charsets


bash -i 13 -m ?1?d?1 -1 ?dabcDE

IMPORTANT -1 ?d?l NOT EQUAL -1 ?l?d

* Built-in charsets:

?l = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
?d = '0123456789'
?s = ' !\"#\$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\\]^_\`{|}~'
without surrounding ''


changelog 0.0.2 - added -p option
WAI will now only return the word at index -i inside single quotes ''
instead of the bulky output information which can be added via -p
this will hopefully enable easy pipelining
Nice work, thanks! Smile