release 0.15 froze
b5 is up as well, fixing the same issue for nvidia
Here no crashes as well, running simple dictionaires attack with 1.00b6.
Now testing with rules (m3g9tr0n rule file is missing the file extension).
(08-29-2013, 03:12 AM)mastercracker Wrote:
(08-28-2013, 10:46 PM)proinside Wrote: Beta2, cat 13.4
After this crash, running the same command line once, no error (at least, when trying one more time).
Using a folder with multiple dictionaires freezes again or crash.
I get this (oclhashcat64.exe has stopped working) often too. It seems to me that it's almost always near the end of an attack. I get also the following error: clenqueuewritebuffer() -30

In my case it was in windows7 64bit catalyst 13.8beta and on oclhashcat version 1.00b3.

Now I get this as well but with 1.00b19 (oclhashcat64.exe has stopped working).
The Fault Module Name isn't oclHashcat64.exe but StackHash_23c8.
Didn't change anything at all, still using cat 13.4.
Switching to 1.00b6 all works normally, no errors.
On Windows 7 64 bit, catalyst 13.8b1, 2 x HD6970
I get the clenqueuewritebuffer() -30 at about 3/4 of len 8 bruteforcing of the following:
-1 ?d?l -i  ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

It happened on both b10 and b16. I imagine that I would get the same with b19 but did not test it.

EDIT: When it happens, it seems like you have to reboot the computer or it happens all the time. The take home message is that my testing are not good since I did not reboot in between. I was able to complete the run after I rebooted. Not sure what was the original crash/trigger but I will post again if it happens.
So from what I could test, the clenqueuewritebuffer() -30 error was coming from a faulty card/setup. I could prove this by trying different combinations of gpus. Out of 3 gpus, only 1 was faulty and removing it from the equation removed the error without rebooting the computer. After reseating the pci-e extender I got rid of the error coming back so far. I will post back if I get this error again.