Rules Mask
Using Hashcat Plus with ATI card. I have a very large password list all numbers. I know the password i am trying to recover is 10 digit and does not use consecutive digits more than 2 time. (example 0122345678=valid or 1242424256=Valid 0123334567=Not valid)
Is there a mask rule or combination of mask rule to clarify to NOT check a word that contains Xnum 3 or more times consecutively. Thank you for the help.
Forget about the password list and use a mask.
For the second problem, this could help:
I am going to give you a hint with what I remember but I did not take the time to dig out the information but I guess that you can do this effort:

Try the maskprocessor with the -q or -Q parameter and pipe it into oclhashcat-plus.

EDIT: that's actually what philsmd link suggests.
if this is a fast algorithm, you will waste more time trying to figure out how to avoid invalid candidates, than you would just hitting the whole 10^10 keyspace.
Thank you Philsmd that is exactly what I had been looking for. Spent a few hours with google and this forum and could not locate. Thank you for pointing me the right way.