Hashcat always exhausted - wpa/wpa2
Hi all,
on start sorry for my bad English.

Software: windows 7 prof x64
hardware: Laptop lenovo y580 (dual graphic card -Intel HD 4000 and Nvidia GTX 660 M )

I try work with oclHashcat-plus-0.15 but i get always status "exhausted" when i try crack my wifi password. I read probably everything what google can give to me and i don't know what to do.

I use command:
cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 O2-Hotshot-7b13.hccap slowo.txt
but i get exhausted status
slowo.txt contain only two words:
44097611 <-password to my wifi

[Image: 25b28.jpg]

i get handshake when i use airodump-ng but maybe i don't get correct data? (wireshark show i get 2 message from 4 in 4-way-handshake).

Example command from docs folder:
cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -m 400 $H$9tAFrn2xug41SHki0wFp.RADCQs94a0 example.dict

give the same status
[Image: spbqis.jpg]

thanx for help Smile
hashcat lite work good with MD5
Either the password is wrong or the handshake capture was bad. Probably the latter which means you need a new handshake capture.

If that still fails, something is wrong with your wordlist. To verify that, use other tools such as aircrack-ng to crack the password.
Id try brute force if you know its only got 8 numbers, 0-9 which has 100 million combo`s. I get 90k/s so would only take 18 mins to go through all of them. cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 -a3 yours.hcap ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d. if you used hashcat website to convert to hcap it tells you if it has not got the handshake.
he knows the password no need to brute force. try using a different cracking tool. if successful then the handshake capture is good and there's something going on with hachcat or conversion from pcap to hcap. if other tools can't crack then bad handshake
I thought hashcat converter would give an error if the handshake or conversion went wrong ?. It has for me if I was to far away to capture the full handshake even when airodump says iv got it. I'm not doubting you I just thought it would.
It's not always possible, but if aircrack-ng can load it, you can tell it to convert it to .hccap format using -J option.
hi there Smile i get Internet connection at last.

I use airodump-ng so i get cap file, then i use aircrack-ng to convert it to .hccap (yes i know, i read a lot about cleaning cap file but i test home network and aircrack is fasterSmile ). Like Mangix and barboy says, handshake wasn't complete (no all eapol packet -> http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=w...uwiki__top "Packets 8, 9, 10, 11" ), and now i try understand how read and catch correct full handshake (if somebody can help and give link to "how to catch 4-way-handshake correct" i will be grateful Smile

P.S. i get 7 versions of .cap file (different ways - 500 data, 2000 data, single -0 1 multiple -0 1, -0 5 etc.) and 2 was correct Smile -> my computer works fine ^^
P.S.2 I use hashcat gui with change oclHashcat-plus folder to v 0.15 Smile but very thx barboy for ready definition to bat file
P.S.3 Thanks a loot for all answers