Why closed source?
(10-13-2013, 06:43 PM)txczwgffr Wrote: No one is going to help defend license violations on proprietary code except lawyers the copyright holders pay themselves.

and no one is going to go chasing down GPL violators who live in a third-world country and are not readily identifiable. the GPL or any other open source license would be unenforceable in this situation.

(10-13-2013, 06:43 PM)txczwgffr Wrote: And if you don't think free software projects can be micromanaged I wonder if you have ever been very involved with them?

micromanaging an open source project -- especially a popular open source project -- rapidly becomes a full-time job. the larger the project becomes, the more of a time-suck it becomes for the BDFL.

again, if you want something that's open source, try hashkill or john the ripper.
(10-12-2013, 10:35 PM)Kuci Wrote: if you could make some kernel interface, with which we could be able to create our own kernels with algorithm we would like to use, that would be great. I think this is the only thing that most of users would be interested in if hashcat was open-source, but making such a SDK would be more than enough and it would be really appreciated.

Please, could someone react on my post ?
no going to happen
I think if open souce is impossible,
we all compromise a little, I only hope open interface to us ,but no all source code, so we can add new Algorithm to it,
Yes, it would be a nice compromise.
My opinion regarding this whole matter: I enjoy using cats they way they are, no changes in software license are needed.
you know what else is a nice compromise? not having to pay money to use the program.
(10-14-2013, 02:41 PM)epixoip Wrote: you know what else is a nice compromise? not having to pay money to use the program.

Hmm, what is the reason for having proprietary but not payed software ? I'm very happy to see atom doing all of this for free, but I see no point in keeping free software proprietary.

I don't know, but normal developer would be really pleased to see how is his project popular and how users want to contribute a make the project bigger.
And this is the point where the thread goes in circles.