Question about 2nd PSU in one pc.
Hi all, I really need some help here, just got a new motherboard and 4x R9 290x graphic cards. My real worries are the 2 differents PSU'.

XFX 1250W and the 2nd one is a Be quiet 650W. I was wondering if i could use the XFX to support all of the graphic cards and let the other PSU handle the the Motherboard and fans etc.

i hope someone can help me out with this. Got a ATX entender but i dont really know where to cut and what to do to get this to work. Dont wanna destroy my system.

Thank you
Yes, this is possible. The safe way would be to use one of these:

The less safe way is to use a relay to short the green wire to ground (black) on the second PSU when the first PSU is turned on, but things might catch fire if you mess up.
The other option would be to grab a Lepa G1600 power supply if you want to go with the more expensive option and stay with a single psu.
i heard from one guy here i can use 2x 24 atx pin tnx for all your help