Where is the password hash?
As far as I understand it, to crack a password I find its hash and then attack the hash in the most appropriate way, given what I know about the password.
Is there a resource that reveals the offset within the file of the password hash start and the algorithm used to hash the password?
For example, AES 256 disk image greated by OSX Mountain Lion? Or any other Apple dmg file?


No, usually hashes are stored in the database tables or files in a readable form. Apple dmg file not supported
I seem to have misunderstood.
I thought hash cat was "Advanced Password Recovery".
If I have forgotten a password and have an idea what its format was, I still need to know the offset of the hash within the file, the algorithm and what the software has done to the hash of the original password to get the hash data that is written into the file. At each stage of the recovery process I expect to offer a hash to hash cat along with an attack rule to crack it.
Hence the question.
1. Password hashing is not same as file encryption.
2. It is Advanced Password Recovery suite, hence not for newbies.