help with rig multi gpu
Dear people.

Need help and advice for making this a stable rig.
First i want to tell my setup

ASROCK fm2a85x
4GB DDR RAM (is this enough)
1000W OCV
A4 processor

2x AMD 7990 6GB
1x AMD 7970 DCUII Top
1x ASUS R9 290X
3x MSI R9 290 4GB
2x Club 3D 7950 3GB

I also have 2x risers 16x -> 16x (unpowered) and 2x risers 1x -> 16x (1 powered)
The most important are the graphic cards that i have avaiable:

I know it's impossible to put all cards on 1 MOBO, but i want to get a safe maximum for this system.
If you get better ideas i can hook up 2nd PSU 650W and a adapter to start the system all at once.

Read some MOBO will burn when it pull too much wattage out of the mobo. That is my biggest concern.
I have SLI/Xfire Molex powerconnector on my MOBO. Can i use that to provide power to the PCIe slots or do i all powered risers. Also heard something about EVGA Power BOOST.

Anyway i would be very happy if some of u could help me out on which cards i need to use.
Many thanks for your time and help.

you need 2 machines to host 11 gpus. Also, don't use risers as the cause problems.
thank you very much for this input.
I just managed to get 1 mobo working with a 7990 and 7970. I just directly put the cards in the slot so i kept like 3 cm space for airflow. Don't know how to put a 3rd in without use of risers.
What do you prefer to get as MOBO because this one i can only fit 2 GPU with some space for air.

If i have to use risers what is the best methode to do that thanks guys
(12-17-2013, 08:43 PM)legend21 Wrote: If i have to use risers what is the best methode to do that thanks guys

Read this, reply #10: