[oclHashcat+] Support for MySQL & SHA1 ?

Do you plan to support mysql (v5) & sha1 algo in oclHashcat+ ?

yes, this is something i can do if there is more interesst in it
I think that having at least all the unsalted algos in OCLhashcat+ would be a good complement because it greatly simplifies dictionary and hybrid dictionary (applying rules) attacks. Of course, as always, the more we have the best it is. Your time is the biggest limiting factor. Wink

I am personally interested in Sha-1, Mysql5 and md5(md5($pass)) to start with but I guess there could be also a benefit in the salted hashes as well.

Just ideas... Thanks again for all your work.
I agree I think it would be good to at least do the common unsalted hashes like mysql and sha1 Big Grin
Thank you atom Smile
I'm interested for this feature too Smile
am interested in sha1. any eta on this?
done. latest oclHashcat-plus supports this. thread closed.