Why can't I use all the Alt+charecters
So To make this as short as possible. I was making a rule list with all the alt+ codes to try to just add a few extra characters to the end of a password list. Well once I ran it, most of them don't work. Is there any reason why this isn't added in Hashcat/OCLHashcat?
What do you mean by "they don't work"? Are the rules rejected?
Yes the rules are rejected. I can pose the only ones that do work.
I don't know why they are rejected but as an alternative, you can try to put them in charset in hex, use --hex-charset and use -a 6.
Oh well ok then! Thanks!
Rules accept all characters after the $ append as long as they are 1-byte characters. Maybe you wrote the rule file as utf8 which would be wrong and your text-editor you used to edit the rule converted it to utf8.