I can't figure out how to crack a certain type of hash


Where salt1 and salt2 are different from each other.

Is this even possible with oclHashcat? If so could someone give me a hint.
One workaround would be to run the hashes as md5($salt.$pass) and create a rule to append the salt to each word (ex: $s$a$l$t$2), assuming that either all hashes share the same second salt, or you're only running a single hash.
Okay Thanks Clutch, will see if I can get it working.

The way it works is that Salt1 is a static salt so is the same for each hash, however Salt2 is dynamic and unique to each hash.
all you have to do is crack them as md5(p.s) and stage your attacks to prepend the static salt to each candidate. to emulate a straight dictionary attack you can use -a 7, for rules you can use combinator.bin + stdin + rules, for mask attack just make the salt part of the mask, etc. too easy.